When to contact us ?

Frequent PC lockups and crashes? Computer slow and sluggish? Constant error messages? Whatever your problem, we can help you in a Unique way! It is fair to say that we sometimes feel computers have a mind of their own - and literally, sometimes they do. We can help by assisting in your own home or over the internet via our secure remote control service to rectify any problems that you may have. You may have a technical issue such as constant error messages, PC crashes and lockups or you may just need help performing a task such as creating a backup routine to backup your documents on a regular basis. Whatever the problem, we're just a few clicks or a phone call away! Before contacting us, please try to gather as much information about the problem or request as possible. The more information you provide, the better we will understand your query.

IT Hardware services

  • Sales - PCs, Laptops, Peripherals & Accessories.
  • Repairs & services - Laptops, PCs and Peripherals in chip level.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Desktops / Laptops
  • Network design, setup and implementation.
  • Up-gradation of RAM, HDD, CDD, CPU etc for Laptops & Desktops.
  • Data backup & recovery from any kind of damaged hard drive.
  • LCD/ LED monitor service (third party service)

Web Solutions – A smart way to do business

  • Web Designing / Development (Responsive websites)
  • CRM
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Android Applications


  • Play multi player games among machines?
  • Share files, music and video between computers?
  • Link your computers together for easy file sharing and gaming. We specialise is wired and wireless networks although due to recent advancements in technology, we currently recommend the wireless option to avoid unsightly wires. Our Juniper certified engineers will visit you in your home and configure your network with security and reliability in mind. We specialise in linking, (networking) your computers and broadband connection together. We provide services to both residential and business customers.

PC Computer / Laptop Upgrades

    Is Your Computer Old?
    Is It Becoming Slow and Sluggish?
    Need More Memory?
There are two types of computer owner. Those who love to have the latest fastest system possible and run high end graphics and games and those who have a system for 4 or more years, experience constant system crashes and slowdowns. There are many upgrade options available, be it speed increases, functionality, storage or computer styling. Whatever your needs, we can supply to your specification and fit in your own home. Simply use the contact us page and state your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Enhance processing power of your computer

You may also be in the market for a new processor, the core or your machine, the brain power! The faster the processor, the faster tasks are performed, the faster your computer starts, the more responsive it will become. We supply and fit trusted Intel and AMD processors only.

Increase storage capacity - hard drive upgrade

If you have had your computer a while, collect mp3s, videos ad images, you may find that you are running out of space. We can install a secondary drive in your computer without touching what you already have on your machine to give you 500 GB 1TB and 2TB of extra hard drive space as per your requirement.

Fasten your computer - memory

The number one reason for a slow computer is due to a lack of memory. Increasing your computer memory is a simple process and can be installed within a few minutes by a well trained engineer. Memory prices have fallen dramatically over last few years so now is the perfect time to invest. A small chip is installed into your system instantly improving overall performance. The ability to run more than one program at once with faster and increased response times is achieved.By far the most cost effective way to bring life back into your computer system.

Data recovery

UnDelete Files or folders Deleted a Document or Folder by mistake? Hard drive Failure or unable to run Windows? Formatted a camera card / SD card and lost your pictures? If you have deleted a document or folder by mistake and need help recovering the data, immediately off your computer and contact us. When you delete a file from your computer, it is actually still there. The disk inside your computer is referenced by a table. The table contains a list of file names and their location on the disk. Instead of physically deleting the data, only the entry from the table is deleted. This means that when you next try to save a file to your computer, the computer looks at the table for the next available area which is free and write the file there overwriting what was previously there - This is why it is important to switch off your computer as soon as possible and not save anything to the disk. This greatly improves your chance of being able to recover information.

    We can recover data from:-
  • SD secure digital cards,
  • Hard Drives
  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Portable storage drives